Qiandao Lake Primus Resort & Spa

Taking a journey to the past
What you imagined a beautiful future could be.
A magical dream becomes reality.

The stunning beauty of Qiandao Lake, with its rugged mountains, forests, and irregularly shaped islands, emerges from a crystal-clear expanse. Dozens of ancient cities, villages, and neighborhood courtyards lie hidden beneath the constructed lake — the Atlantis Lost City of China.

Site design prioritizes maximizing visual connections to off-site grandeur and is complemented by contemplative courtyards, symbolically referencing submerged villages.

The restorative benefits of nature, seasonal variation, and captivating cultural stories drive repeat guest visitation. The soul of the place is rooted in its past — flooded villages and a uniquely resulting landscape. History, environment, and culture are interwoven within recreated villages, enlightening visitors and creating a genuine sense of place.

Guests can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of traditional Chinese lifestyles, with each theme representing a unique facet of cultural heritage: calligraphy, painting, burning fragrance, floral design, and moonlit gatherings. These timeless traditions embody the elegance and Zen-like quality of Chinese life, offering a glimpse into a bygone era.


Services Provided
Master Planning, Landscape Architecture


Hangzhou, China


Concept through Construction Administration


17 acres


Resort Hotel