Lakeside Garden

A Poetic Journey of Enlightenment

Qiandao Lake, nestled in a densely forested valley on the outskirts of Hangzhou, China, is part of the Thousand Island Lake Scenic Area, spanning 173 square miles under ecological and scenic protections. Formed by the construction of the Xin'an River Hydroelectric Dam in 1959, the lake is known for its clear waters, lush islands, and forested mountains. The sublime natural beauty, including unpredictable hovering fog and magical light render the site as a living Chinese landscape scroll.

The lakeside open space is drawn into the community as a treasured centerpiece. Site planning addresses the organization of commercial and residential uses, resulting in the framing of exterior public spaces and views.

A meandering ascent reveals a series of symbolic gardens, culminating with the Sky Clouds Reflection Pool Plaza. These gardens use figurative landscape design and art to tell stories of this special place, including the lake’s history of submerged villages and cities, and terrestrial natural systems. Community access and enlightenment drive the plan, a place for residents to serenely explore and rediscover a majestic landscape, to cherish the unspoiled lake ecology and cultivate a stewardship ethic.


Services Provided
Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Art Installation Design, Bespoke Outdoor Furniture Design

ASLA NCC Award of Excellence
Architecture MasterPrize Winner


Hangzhou, China


Concept through Construction Administration


2.5 acres


Cultural Landmark