Rock Pool Twin Moon Bay

Shaping Destinations: Nature-Infused Placemaking

The Rock Pool stands out as a stunning destination within Twin Moon Bay Park, offering a blend of privacy and accessibility for both resort guests and the wider community. Situated on a plateau halfway up the park's hillside, its selection was based on its exceptional natural features and panoramic views, embodying the park's commitment to harmonizing human interventions with nature.

The site boasts a dramatic rock cliff face and irregular outcroppings, seamlessly integrated into the pool design with minimal excavation. The Rock Pool's layout ensures a captivating visitor experience, with a sequence of activities leading from the signature rock formation to a garden-oriented journey, culminating in the water body itself. Lushly planted slopes conceal the pool from street view, with pedestrian access guided through meandering garden corridors to the open pool deck. This design creates an enchanting atmosphere while preserving the site's natural beauty.


Services Provided
Landscape Architecture

ASLA SoCal Honor Award
Architecture MasterPrize - Best of Best


Twin Moon Bay, Guangdong, China


Concept through Construction Administration


2.5 acres


Resort Hotel/ Parks and Open Space